Our Partners

Vidyanikethan has enjoyed the support of several Government Departments, international and national NGOs, Indian and multinational companies and individuals. While some of our supporters have aided us on a one time basis, others are continuing to offer regular support. Given below is a list of all those who have supported in the past and our existing supporters. We thank each one of them for being with us through this journey of service to the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society.

Present list of Partners:

  • Accenture: Bangalore
  • TdH-Nl- Tamil nadu & karnataka
  • Luk India- Hosur Tamil Nadu
  • Faiveley, Hosur, Tamil nadu
  • Charities Aid Foundation (Caf )India New Delhi
  • Government of TamilNadu
  • Evangelical social action forum (ESAF) Kerala NABARD.
  • Government of Karnataka
  • REACH, Tamilnadu
  • Jana Foundation
  • Bosch, Bangalore
  • Microsoft, Bangalore
  • FSL India, Bangalore- Placing volunteers
  • Cambium Networks

Supporters of projects running at present (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (2018 onwards)

If Vidyanikethan has come a long way, then it is because of the support of its various donors and funding agencies/Departments. Through this segment, we wish to thank our donors and funding agencies, whose support has been instrumental in improving the lives of children and persons from very vulnerable families.  We also thank all the volunteers, both national and overseas, who have contributed with enthusiasm and commitment to support us in our work. 

1.     Accenture

Accenture has been a major and one of our long standing supporter of Vidyanikethan. The company and its employees have contributed immensely to the growth of the organization and have enriched the lives of the beneficiaries through sharing of knowledge, personal interaction and engagement in different ways. These include interaction with the children, tree plantation activities, supporting in offering space to exhibit and sell products made by participants of income generation related training programmes. Accenture has engaged with Vidyanikethan in the following ways:

  • Corporate social responsibility support
  • Contribution of a day’s salary towards social cause
  • Volunteer engagement

Overall areas of support

  • Accenture has supported the setting up of computer lab for children and women as well as spoken English class for women.
  • Health camp
  • Tailoring support since 6 years at Jaraganahalli and Sarjapura, Anekal taluka which is training about 30 participants.
  • ELC (Early Learning Centre) at Bimanakuppe Slum for staff, maintenance, and snacks for the children, 3 years ago
  • Volunteers teaching the children in the school
  • Accenture volunteers have participated in tree plantation programme in Bangalore and surrounding areas (Doddabalapur, Kanakpura, Whitefield and many areas of Bangalore Urban and Rural district.) As a result, the greenery has increased in the areas.
  • Walkathon programme where the volunteers collected money and donated it to Vidyanikethan ELC and CSR supported programmes.
  • Providing space for office based exhibitions for display and sale of products made by women

2.     CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)

CAF’s association with Vidyanikethan began almost 10 years ago, (2011) and since then it has been channelizing funds sourced from different corporates to fund several of the organization’s projects. Through CAF, organization such as Microsoft, Accenture, Moog, Coca Colar, Bosch have funded various projects. These include sanitation upgradation project (construction of toilets) (CAF – Microsoft),  enhancing the quality of education in 6 Government schools at Taverekere (CAF -Bosch), construction of toilets in schools at Hebbagodi and Maragondanahalli (CAF-Moog), sanitation infrastructure and drinking water facilities upgradation at Ramanagara, Kanakapura (CAF-Coca-Cola),  health related project in 6 schools in Taverekere, (CAF-Bosch), and skills development programmes at Jaraganahalli since 6 years and at Sarjapura (CAF-Accenture) .

3.     Comic Relief

Comic Relief Fund is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. Its mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. The money they raise is put towards incredible projects, in the UK and across the world, that are effectively tackling inequality and making lasting change. CRF works with a range of incredible organisations and companies to raise funds.

4.     ESAF (2015-2016, 2016-2017)

The initial support given by ESAF has proved to be very valuable in nurturing two farmers producers companies. Thanks to the support of ESAF, the farmers in (name of areas) were mobilized and encouraged to form a farmers cooperative. This helped them to maintain transparency and benefit equally by selling their produce directly to the wholesale and retail market. Till date, there are 350 farmer members in Srimathi Farmers Producers Company, and 500 farmer members in Nesara Farmers Producers Company. The support given by ESAF led to the eventual growth and self-sustainability of these two groups.

5.     TdH-Nl (Terres des Holmes) (2007- till date)

TdH-Nl (Terres des Holmes) has been a long standing supporter of Vidyanikethan, and has supporting various projects of ofVidyanikethan since 2007. These include Rural Poor Development programme, Margasusi Home, PREC, CRPWC (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children, NELINCO (Revolving funds project) and Karnataka – IMAGE (Initiative for Married Adolescent Girls Empowerment). At present, it is supporting the Rural Poor Relief Project.

Through these projects, Vidyanikethan has been able to improve the lives of children of Female Sex Workers, child labourers, under age married girls, and children of labourers. In addition, TdH-NL’s support has been utilized for community development and gender empowerment.   As a result of its support, we have reached out to about 15000 direct beneficiaries and about one lac indirect beneficiaries.

6.     Faiveley – December 2017 till date

Faiveley is providing crucial support in ensuring food security and a balanced diet based on the nutritional needs of  45 or 50 growing children. It is providing for food, medical care, uniforms , stationary for the educational needs of the children and four staff members’ salary.  The impact of the two years support can be seen in the children, who are now physically active, mentally alert and emotionally content. The children are doing well not just in their studies but are actively participating in various cultural activities. They are disciplined and are realizing the value of education. The support for food is especially useful in preventing mal-nourishment among the children, and meeting the demanding nutritional needs of growing children.

7.     Jana Foundation (Janalakshmi Financial Services) (2015-2016)

Jana Foundation provided the crucial support of food, staff salary, health care, and stationary support for the education for the children of Margasusi Home. It also provided for a school van.  Thanks to its support, the nutritious food and health care provided to the children ensured that satisfactory growth indicators in the children. Given that they came from food and nutrition deprived personal circumstances, the support of Jana Foundation went a long way in ensuring food security and a balanced customized food chart for the growing children.

8.     Key institutions, Departments companies and committees (work and support related association)

  • (CWC) Child Welfare Committee – permission giving agency to manage the children’s home
  • Juvenile Justice Board
  • DCPU (District Child Protection Unit)
  • Social Defence – Social Welfare Department or officer
  • Corporate support to Margasusi Home – Air Wicks, Menda Foundation and Caterpillar, Prime Gold
  • Health care support – Vijaya Hospital, Sisu hospital (for conducting free check up and providing treatment to the children)
  • Titan
  • Department of Education, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • NABARD Bank – Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
  • POSH Committee

9.     Luk India (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018)

A visit by Luk India officials in 2013 led to the very crucial support of ensuring water supply for the children. That year was the probably the worst in the history of the hostel. Lack of rains, irregular water supply, a non- functional borewell, and damage to the pipelines supplying water  created acute water stress for the children. From that time onwards, Luk India, began to support in terms of addressing specific needs one after the other. Over the years it has supported in the rejuvenation of a borewell (2015-2016), mega renovation of the hostel (entire infrastructure, basic amenities, flooring to the wall painting, bathrooms and toilets, storage areas, kitchen equipment, cooking and wash areas, electric wiring, fixtures and furniture, bunker beds for the children with proper bed linen, TV) (2016-2017)  and construction of the first floor (2017-2018)

10.     Reach – Tamil Nadu (2011 till present)

Through this project, Vidyanikethan has created awareness in more than 15000 families about Tuberculosis – its causes, prevention and care. Till date, more than 350 TB patients in different stages (1st Stage, 2nd Stage and 3rd Stage) were identified. More than 75 TB patients were successfully cured. The project was based on the concept of preventive, curative and protective care in the context of Tuberculosis.

Sl NoProjectName of donors/partners
Vidyanikethan School
RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland
Dr. Uma Mysorekar
Ms. Saroja Rao
Ms. Saroja Rao
02Mugulur Makkala ManeAccenture
Luk India
03Skills development programme at JaraganahalliSkills development programme at Jaraganahalli
04Skills development programme at SarjapuraAccenture
05IMAGE-Karnataka (Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls Empowerment) at BidarTdH-NL Netherlands
06IMAGE NEXT -Karnataka (Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls Empowerment) at BidarComic Relief Fund
07Urban Homeless projectBBMP (awaiting approval for the next phase

Supporters of phased out projects

  • Born Learning Campaign
  • YuvaUnstoppable – four schools at Rajankunte, Anchepalya, Ramohalli and Gollahalli ( Drinking water and toilets facilities)
  • Microsoft
  • Sanitation projects in 8 schools, Kanakapura – CAF
  • PEARL Project (People’s Empowerment to Access Right To Livelihood)  – IGSSSIndo-Global Social Service Society
  • Revolving funds –
  • Chance for Growth
  • AFP
  • Samarth Foundation
  • UDC – Department of Education (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)
  • Department of Watershed Development, Mandya District, Government of
  • Karnataka, Ramanagara District and Bangalore Rural District
  • IEC project, Mandya – Slum Clearance Board
  • CHAI – Catholic Health Association of India,Bangalore (Tuberculosis Referrals and Awareness Services, Bangalore)
  • Bridge Network – supported by Action Aid
  • Microsoft – direct support to 4 Government schools (DKIE project)
  • Bosch – Improving education – English teaching
  • KSSWAB – Karnataka State Social Welfare Advisory Board
  • Levis Straus, Bangalore