Watershed Programmes

The Department of Watershed Development, Government of Karnataka, and NABARD chose Vidyanikethan as one of its implementing agencies for its watershed projects at Alanatha, Kanakapura Taluk and Thattegere.  Vidyanikethan worked with the community in these areas and key local stakeholders in different phases. Vidyanikethan organized the following activities:

  • Capacity building and awareness generation programmes through street plays and other innovative means
  • Mobilized people to form self help groups to implement and maintain the watershed.
  • Motivated people to give time for activities such as tank de-siltation, boulder bunds, boulder check, grass seeds, farm ponds, drainage line treatment etc.


Overall impact of the watershed development project at Alanatha and Thattagere

  • Increase in ground water levels,
  • Support to agricultural activities by better supply of water
  • Adaptation of eco-friendly technological practices such as soil, water and bio-mass conservation, crop protection schools,
  • Improved fodder availability for its livestock population,
  • Improved afforestation and horticulture by planting more forest based and horticulture based trees.
  • Formation of self help groups also led to groupd savings, empowerment of women through awareness and participation in watershed development activities,
  • Opportunity for socio-economic development through training of vocational skills such as tailoring, making of bamboo based products.
  • Reduction in migration to cities by increasing rural livelihood programmes.

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