International Volunteers (FSL India)

Volunteers have played an important role in Vidyanikethan’s functioning. Almost every year, we have had volunteers from different parts of the world who have shared their expertise with us. Many young volunteers have observed our needs and taken the initiative to work on solutions and resolve issues. Their efforts have helped to strengthen various programmes.

Catherine Diamond of the UK worked with Vidyanikethan’s self help groups, especially with women involved in making terracotta jewellery.  She helped the women understand the styles of contemporary terracotta jewellery design.

Laila Kipler from Germany contacted potential donors for sponsorships for students in Sri Vidyanikethan School. She also took classes for children.

Jakob Obling of Germany worked extensively on a community survey, helping to understand their issues, and also worked to get donations for the organization.

Amman of the UK, helped to set up the library for the children, and also conducted classes for the children using innovative methods of teaching. For the very first time, the children learnt to use a camera and click pictures of their choice.

Jakob Dirksen worked with people living in villages and urban poor communities. His support in mobilizing partners helped to make the Environment Day a success.

Yui of Japan worked on a study of Vidyanikethan’s self help groups.

Chatelai Clement of Germany introduced many eco-friendly practices and concept for our children and staff, including that of waste management.

Peter Gillanders of Germany worked in the organization’s Hosur project where he interacted extensively with the children. He also helped in organizing the Environment Day.

Like most of our volunteers, Nicholas willingly gave his best to Vidyanikethan. If our website can be read in French today, then it is thanks to his efforts. During his stay in June, he tried to work in areas of slum development.

This is what Nicholas has to say about us: “For me it was really interesting to work in a NGO (for the first time) in such a different country. In my opinion, Vidyanikethan is doing a great work and helps many people every day. I was happy to live with an Indian family, and I think it is the best way to discover the culture, people and understand the action of the organization. It is a total immersion in the Indian society and this is what I expected of such an experience.”

Jakob is a student from Germany, and a keen interest in slum development. During his three months stay in Vidyanikethan, he helped us with many of our audio-visual related work.

Prior to Jakob, Vidyanikethan’s staff was not too familiar with using editing software in office systems. The office felt that it needed to use a professional studio for its work. However,

Jakob was familiar with many of the editing software, and helped us to sub-title a film on income generation activities for women SHG members in our office itself.

Full of enthusiasm and energy was Montse, a law graduate from Barcelona. With us for almost half a year, Montse made the most of her time, taking the initiative in many work areas, and utilizing opportunities in the best manner possible. Her special interest in environmental related projects such as formation of Eco Club, organizing exposure trips for students, and the Environment Day conducted in September, 2013. Monste was with Vidyanikethan for about five months beginning June 2013. Usually when we get volunteers, we always have to think about ways to keep them engaged and about ways to make the association mutually beneficial.

Montse played a major role in organizing a successful environmental day, where she applied herself in every which manner. She also helped to write many proposals.