Rural Poor Development Project (RPDP)

Rural Poor Development Project, supported by TdH-NL, was a major programme of Vidyanikethan. It was implemented in 25 villages of Mathagondapalli surrounding villages of Thally block in western parts of the Krishnagiri District of Tamilnadu during (   ). Subsequent to RPDP, TdH-NL supported CRPWC (Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Working Children)

Areas of work

Medical relief programmes, Education (formal, pre-primary, primary and Early Learning Centres, PLA (Participatory Learning Appraisals) Poverty Relief Programmes and Protection of Natural resources and the environment.

Strategies and interventions used for the implementation of the programme included community mobilization, sensitization programmes, capacity building, training programmes, counseling, referrals, motivating people to take part in community based participatory processes, especially women.

Impact of RPDP

Although the benefits of each intervention impacts primarily on the individual or the family, overall, the interventions in health, education and socio-economic empowerment of RPDP brought about a grassroots based social change in the rural economy.

By motivating the people to access to Government managed educational, health and other social entitlements programmes, RPDP has ensured the effective and appropriate use of the Government’s welfare schemes.  The interventions to address the personal well-being of women and provide them with opportunities in socio-economic development are empowering women at the village level. Overall, these activities harnessed the indigenous skills and resources for local employment and growth opportunities.

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