Founded by Smt S Susheela and Shri M Nagaraj, Vidyanikethan began in 1988 with the objective to improve the lives and livelihoods of individuals and families, especially children and women, from low income groups and from the vulnerable, marginalized and under-developed sections of the society.  Since then, with the support of well-wishers, friends, donors, and volunteers, Vidyanikethan has grown from strength to strength in many aspects.

With a primary focus on children, women and the marginalized sections of the society, Vidyanikethan has implemented many projects, as well as organized various capacity development programmes. As a member of many forums and association, Vidyanikethan is simultaneously working to influence policy and large scale impact on the communities it works with.

Viydanikethan enjoys goodwill and favorable relationships with not only its stakeholders and partner organizations but also its communities. Vidyanikethan’s interventions are in four key areas – education, health, socio-economic development, and natural resources management.