Digital and knowledge enabled infrastructure for Education (DKIE) supported by Microsoft

Digital and knowledge enabled infrastructure for Education (DKIE) in 4 Govt schools supported by Microsoft

Since, April 2016, with support from Microsoft, Vidyanikethan is implementing the project Digital and knowledge enabled infrastructure for Education (DKIE) in 4 Government schools in Jaraganhalli, Harinagar, Avalahalli and Chunchaghatta in Bangalore South. While the first year (2016-2017) was related to assessment and installing of the equipment, the second year (2017-2018 – on-going) is that of maintenance and addressing any gaps of the first year.  In these above mentioned schools, Vidyanikethan successfully initiated the following activities in a comprehensive manner

  • Equipping the schools with smart classrooms
  • Starting a library by giving books as well as book shelves, reading table and chair,
  • Installing a computer lab
  • Providing science kits
  • Infrastructure upgradation – Projector, Internet connection, UPS, printer and furniture

Summary of impact in the existing four Government schools

  •  Smart class: In this age of digital learning, schools need to integrate the concept of smart class in their rooms. Through this project, the four schools of the project in the first phase (2016-2018) installed smart classrooms which increased the effectiveness of the teaching and learning in many ways. The students were able to learn from the new medium of smart class room in addition to the regular teaching. The teachers, who were trained to use the equipment, are now regularly teaching through the smart class equipment. The schools are benefitting from the advantage of the smart class such as repeated usage, and use of visual medium.

  • Library services and infrastructure: The habit of reading is very important in the overall development of the students. Keeping this in mind, Vidyanikethan initiated and upgraded the library and related infrastructure in the four Government schools. It provided not just different types of books, but ensured the safe keeping of the books by giving covered book racks, reading tables and chairs.
  • Computer lab: The students were enthusiastic to use computers and learn about many subjects through them. The students, who were mostly from the low income group, got the opportunity to learn computer operations and maintenance. Although many Government schools have computer labs, there are issues related to maintenance, proper usage and operations, electricity supply, and proper computer accessories. This project ensured that the computer lab was set up in a professional manner, taking into account all the items required for proper usage and maintenance. The staff and the students were also oriented on proper maintenance of the computer lab. As a result, the students are regularly using the computers in a proper manner and regularly to enrich their knowledge and enhance their academic skills.
  • Science kits: The schools were provided key instruments or gadgets that are very important for not only understanding science at different levels but also in experimenting. These included microscopes, binoculars, crystals, minerals, different types of rocks, magnets and solar lens. Using these, the children experimented and learnt about cells, and distances and perspectives. Magnets helped them understand the principles of attraction of iron metals and repelling of non-iron metals. The different types of rocks, crystals and minerals helped them to understand the natural rock and granite formations that exists in the earth.
  • Infrastructure upgradation (Projector, internet connection, UPS, printers and furniture): Infrastructure facilities such as internet connection, UPS, printers, furniture and projector are essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of computer labs, library, smart classrooms and comfort of the children. By providing these, the project was able to ensure proper usage and benefit of the learning systems.

About 1026 children are benefiting from the above mentioned facilities and materials in all the four government schools.


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