Women empowerment

Vidyanikethan has initiated several interventions for women empowerment in peri-urban, urban and rural areas. These interventions relate to health, sensitization on key personal issues and facilitating them with opportunities for economic self-reliance in the long term. Overall Vidyanikethan has facilitated over 298 SHGs across all its projects. It continues to sensitize women to form SHGs and regularly guides them on various SHG management and development issues. The following has been the impact of the work done under various women empowerment projects:

  • Sensitizing women in different areas to about the importance of Self Help Groups
  • Motivating existing members to meet regularly to save and take loans through rotation
  • Providing individual SHG members loans to initiate self-managed enterprises for income generation. In this context, several women have taken loans to start sheep rearing, diary, petty business, flower vending, vegetable sales, feeds sales etc.
  • Networking with stakeholders including micro finance organizations and banks, and other social groups including Stree Shakhti Groups. 150 SHGs were linked to HDFC Bank
  • Organizing capacity building programmes for Sangha formation and elected women representatives at the local level.
  • The skills development training includes marketing skills, manufacturing skills, budgeting growth analysis, and loss- profit calculations. SHG members are also taken on exposure visits to micro-credit enterprises.
  • In addition to SHGs in peri-urban and urban areas, Vidyanikethan works with SHGs comprising of commercial sex workers in Tamil Nadu, under Project Margasusi. While some women got employment, other women took loans under the Income Generation Programme to start their own businesses in areas like Mason work, Packing work,Cloth selling, Sheep rearing, Brick making, Flower selling, Milk diary, Tea shop, Helper work etc.