Sri Vidyanikethan School, Bangalore, Karnataka

Children of families working as labourers in the construction industry, or in other forms of unorganized sectors, small vendors or petty shop owners are vulnerable to school drop outs. The girl child is especially vulnerable to discontinuity in education. Many of the parents do not have the time or means to give time for their children's educational and development needs. Sri Vidyanikethan School, started in 1988, teaches about 200 children from pre-primary to 8th Standard at highly subsidized rates, affordable for families living below the poverty line. As a result, the children are benefitting from the holistic academic cum development opportunities. In addition to teaching by experienced teachers, the school has introduced digital education technology through Educomp. It organizes exposure visits to various recreational locations. The children regularly participate in in-house as well as external painting competitions and cultural programmes. Many donors regularly provide the children with relevant educational accessories such as school bags, stationary boxes, and stationary items etc. The school is benefitting from the regular support of AFP (Asian Foundation for Philanthropy), and Accenture, a leading corporate. As a result of regular parent teacher interaction, there is a reduction in the number of drop outs and the parents are taking increased interest in the studies of their children. Click here to sponsor a child.