Project Margasusi, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Project Margasusi, being implemented by Vidyanikethan and supported financially by Tdh-NL (Terres des Homes, Netherlands) is a project for the welfare and development of commercial sex workers and their children. While the focus areas of development for the children are health, education and security, the priority for the sex workers is health and socio-economic development.

Impact of Project Margasusi
  • Increased participation by children in various school competitions and functions, with many children winning prizes for different events and games
  • Increased self confidence and decision making skills among the children, improved personal hygiene, emotional stability through regular practice of yoga and meditation
  • Good grooming and well-mannered children, who are helpful family members on their visits home
  • Awareness about child rights, child trafficking, and the functions of Government initiated Child Welfare Committees
  • Awareness about the importance of good nutrition, and the nutritional value of different categories of food
  • Protecting the children from possible abuse and sex work by providing them external shelter
  • Ensuring continuity in education by providing access to primary and secondary education.
  • Satisfaction and assurance in the parents of children of sex workers, especially the women, that their children are growing up in an atmosphere more enriching and enabling than their own homes.
  • The regular counseling sessions by the staff with the children help them to bond with each other, and also help to discover their hidden talent.