Early Childhood Learning Centre - Madagondapally - Tamil Nadu

 It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. 

Similarly, although in many ways, most believe that a child begins his or her studies from Class 1, the first step in the child’s learning journey is taken in the years much before school. The quality and influences of the years spent before school plays an important part, not only in the long academic years for the children but also in their personality development and shaping of attitudes. 

Recognizing the importance of a enabling atmosphere for children between 2 ½ years to 6 years,  the Rural Poor Development Programme has initiated Early Childhood Learning Centres (ECLCs) in 8 villages of Madhagondapally, Tamil Nadu. These ECLCs are significant as they cater to children from families who, many a timem cannot afford regular schooling for their children and spend long years struggling to feed mouths and run the house. 

At present, these ECLCs are concentrating on developing learning abilities in various areas among the children. These include cognitive, language, physical, creativity and social development. The teachers and helpers involved in the ECLCs trained through a specially designed curriculum. The ECLCs are also designed to involve the parents in the holistic upbringing of their children and integrate them in their academic development. 

Regular parent teacher meetings are held to discuss ways to improve the programme, to identify the needs of the children and to invite suggestions from the parents. Parents, teachers, helpers and children together organize cultural programmes and participate in them, making it a truly participative learning process. 

Exposure visits are also organized for the children as part of their initiation into learning journeys in the future.The impact of the ECLCs is visible in many ways. All the students of ECLCs have got admission in primary schools. They also display an enhanced physical, intellectual, social and emotional development in comparison to children who have not attended the ECLCs. 
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Who is supporting the ECLC, when was it started 2008, 300 children present how many children at present – need updated statistics.