Eco-friendly practices in a rural Government School in Banawasi, Kanakapura

The water shortage in many areas of Bangalore affects children studying in schools, especially those in Government managed schools. Rain water harvesting is a self-sustainable solution to overcome this shortage. With the support of AFP and Accenture, Vidyanikethan implemented eco-based and eco-friendly technologies and techniques at the Government High School in Banawasi, Kanakpura, where about 400 children from rural areas study from 6th to the 10th standard. Additionally, it also build (7 ) eco-san toilets in the individual house hold surrounding villages. Although the concept has taken time to be accepted and to be put into complete practice, the eco-san toilets are providing to be gender friendly. The school states that it is reusing the composted human waste as manure for the trees growing in the school premises. The school has also installed solar lights, and is having a kitchen garden.