Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children, Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Under the CRPWC, child labour and dropout children are being reinstated in educational systems (bridge courses, and eventual mainstreaming in schools). The Child Counseling Programme is an extremely significant component of the project to provide psychosocial care for the children in difficult circumstances. As a result, in a year, the awareness about the importance of preventing child exploitation and abuse has increased. The awareness has led to positive action in the field as many working children and dropout children have been reinstated in bridge schools. The project has taken steps in terms of creating child rights forum in the target areas with members representing different walks of life (including child laborers, teachers, parents, NGOs, Panchayat members, legal expert etc). Till date about 1787 children, who were victims of different forms of exploitation, be it physical, commercial, sexual and emotional abuse, have been identified. Of these, 184 are now in the child care centre.