Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children, supported by TdH-NL, is being implemented by Vidyanikethan in 20 villages in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The project which is in its first implementation period (2012 to 2015) aims to address the critical issues related to child labour and the emotional, sexual and girl child neglect. The project is reaching out to more than 4500 families with an approximate population of more than 20000. The project is working to improve the lives of child labourers, and their families. Its beneficiaries are primarily children labourers below 18 years, and who are working in various types of industries. The objectives of the project are

  • Ensure rights of children
  • Livelihood promotion to protect rights of children
  • Health education and taking measures to reduce workplace hazards
  • Initiating child care centres (day care centres) for age appropriate development
  • children forums
  • Parents and children are capacitated with life coping skills in order to reduce incidences of domestic disputes, alcoholism, different forms of academic and social abuse (beating, comparison, pressuring children to excel in studies, etc), tobacco and drug abuse, depression and anxiety in the children due to various reasons.
  • Formation and strengthening of women groups
  • Mainstreaming of drop out children and children engaged in child labour units into bridge schools, schools, informal learning systems, and vocational schools.
  • Preparing the foundation for adolescents to engage in sustainable and dignified professions be it placement or self employment