Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children (CRPWC)

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme for Working Children, supported by TdH-NL, is being implemented by Vidyanikethan in 20 villages in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The project which is in its first of the three year implementation period (2012 to 2015) aims to address the critical issues related to child labour and the emotional, sexual and girl child neglect. The project is reaching out to more than 4500 families with an approximate population of more than 20000. The health related interventions being implemented by CRPWC are the following:

  • Preventive, Curative & Promotive Health Care which ensures that children and mothers have access to primary health care
  • Improving the status of children who were married early, and also improving the status of specially abled children
  • Improved adequate health care and medical facilities in order identify diseases due occupational health hazards for working children
  • Improved nutrition status through provisions of supplements and dietary habits of children in Child Care Centers, bridge schools and Child labours.

Through sensitization, awareness is created about the adverse health repercussions of children working in different types of industries. Through referrals, the children are diagnosed for possible diseases, and accordingly treatment is given. Thus the vulnerable children are supported to prevent or treat any disease that can affect their health (physical and psychological) in the short term and long term.