Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study

Umavathi- House wife to a leader

Name:  Umavathi


Area: Madagondapally

Project: RPDP

Husband is a driver

Prior to interventions

There was a time when Umavathi was mostly housebound as she was busy taking care of the family members and doing the household chores. Her world was her home and family members.

After Vidyanikethan

When Umavathi came to know about the SHGs mobilized by the RPDP (Rural Poor Development Programme) she joined it. She really liked the meetings and attended them regularly. She is only of the oldest members of the SHGs. Due to her interest and regular participation, she became to be looked up by all the other members and SHGs.

Gradually, Umavathi became the President of her SHG which is the Sumangali Mahila Sangam, Upparapalli. Her leadership qualities and the ability to get things done was appreciated by all. She used to motivate the 10 to 20 members in her group to save regularly and guided them on many aspects.

By now, Umavathi had gained confidence and knowledge about many aspects. She also decided to contest the Panchayat elections. She campaigned and won the elections. Given that she knew the area and the people and had information about the issues, the people felt that they could trust her. After being elected, Umavathi did not disappoint the people. She started working for the basic needs of the village and secured drinking water facilities for many areas.

Today, Umavathi is a role example of what a housewife can become after joining the SHG which gave her knowledge and a platform to grow.