The Eco Club at Vidyanikethan

The main objective of this club is transmitting environmental values to our students: to create a future generation that is equipped with knowledge and the skills to sustain the planet. -In this sense, we have adapted the activities center needs, in order to ensure the maximum benefice-.

We set up an Eco club on 12th of June, when we spoke with all members of the center to inform about the club and that we required their participation for the task of recycling. Also we spoke about the managing of waste. Besides, everybody understood the importance of their commitment to the work of taking care of the environment. The Eco club is making all children of the school to participate in it.

Subsequently, we selected a group of nine children, each representing their classes, from 1st to 9th standards. Each leader has been responsible for transmitting the knowledge learned during the day to the other classmates.

The school has introduced a sign with the slogan "Vidyanikethan environmentally friendly" on the entrance wall. Its aim is the awakening of the young minds to make them appreciate, preserve and conserve their natural environment

During the official day we started Eco club, we showed them one video with relevance for current environmental problems, and their consequences. They have understood the different types of pollution and which impacts it could generate.

They have learned the importance of managing the waste properly. In addition, we have worked on the three R’ s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (installed three bins so they can put the three r’ s into practice). Thus they all take a responsibility for their own actions.

Also the club has joined for spreading awareness to keep the surroundings clean.

In the following days, the children could witness the difference between a contaminated space and a model space area.

In this beautiful garden we can have fun while seeing and learning about insects, birds, varieties of flowers, fruits and nuts!!!!!

They have learned the importance of trees, how to plant and to take care of a tree. All the school was invited to take part in this activity.

Also, we organized a play with eco club members having to guess the animals by their sounds. The same day, we spoke about the importance of bees for the reproduction of trees or flowers.

We're having fun learning how to plant different kinds of plants. We know that trees are very important because they produce oxygen.

Hence, we have drawn a mural regarding natural issues on a classroom wall. Then all the students helped to paint it in a different color.

Let's start painting a mural together!!! Due to the support of our school, it will permanently stay with us in our classroom!!!!

Another day, we played a game relative to guess which are the Environmental problems, whose causes could generate pollution and to find possible solutions for each problem. Also, we talked about the importance to minimize the use of resources like water, plastic bags, etc.

We went to Bannerghatta National Park where we enjoyed watching different species of animals, such as the tiger, snakes, hippos, birds, turtles, etc. The observation of this rich wildlife gave us the opportunity to explore and learn about the biodiversity of several species.

This day was a very happy day for us!!!!! We went to the Zoo where we could see the animals in their real surrounding. Amazing!!

During the last day, we looked back on all the issues we had discussed during the last weeks in our Eco Club and encouraged the students to continue and spread all the knowledge acquired. Thus, we instilled the feeling of community ownership.

In conclusion, eco-members were positively impacting in:

» Expanding their eco-consciousness;

» Positively impacting their peers, families, schools, communities and planet;

» Creating and building up a vision of a sustainable future;

» Participating in a awareness raising to sustain the planet;

» Participating in field trips - a popular experiential form of learning;

» To understand the importance of every little action.

To sum it up, overwhelming response: We really noticed a great change in the attitude of our Eco Club leaders and their approach to environmental issues.

Here you are a little feedback from Eco-members!!

Sandhya, 2 standards: “I don’t like the pollution and the noises in the streets. I have learned about the importance to grow plants. I had lots of fun, the day we guessed whose animals sound we were just listening to.”

Ayesha, 9 standards: “I am going to follow separating the waste in different bins, also in my home. It is important to take care of the residues to avoid diseases.

I enjoyed especially when we went to the Zoo. My favorite animal is the peacock”